New Moon and New Beginnings

So here on this new moon in Libra I am just going to honour the energy and fulfil a little hearts desire. If I could paint I would paint you a picture of what I see in my minds eye. I see me, sending a flare up into the night sky on a dark beach. But instead you get my hand made clay moon lady with her bad hair day fern head!

So finally I am ready to make my little space in cyber world a reality. It's my time to shine.. ok maybe glow ..but not sparkle in little bursts and fizzes...I wish to gently reflect the light and the love that is so graciously bestowed me from this here incredible world.

A little shop, a little blog and a little place to shyly tell the universe..."I am here". For some time I've been happy to fade into the background, the wallpaper, the shadows. I was a moon who had lost her sun. But here I am. And so are you. ha!


So.... If you actually read this...Thank you. Maybe you can relate? Maybe you too feel the pull of the Moon. Maybe you might let me know.x