My Blue Anniversary

Oh no I nearly missed the anniversary of my blue love affair.

Just over a year ago I first met indigo. Like a new love....I thought it was the most magical and gorgeous blue I had ever laid eyes on. I was infatuated.

This time last year the whole town was on a high from the fabulousness that was the Byron Bay Surf Festival. This year the Byron Bay Surf Festival was cancelled (so sad...another story) and so October nearly slipped away without me stopping to pause and reflect. It was my involvement with that festival that got me inspired to explore the potential of indigo.

I was making fabric surf board bags and was invited to do workshops at the festival. I decided to do tie dye with indigo and so began my research and practice for the event. Little did I know that it would become such a passion. 


The workshops were such fun. I was reminded of how much I love to teach and share new knowledge. inspiring it is to see the many different ways people will interpret the same idea. I can just get high on the excitement and stimulation of time in a creative group. (Is that weird ?)


I sewed for days to make the plain white board bags we would dye. I used various sturdy cotton fabrics with different textures. I love the different ways they take up the dye; patched together, side by side,dipped in blue. Oh divine!

We sure drew a crowd at the festival as we untied and unbound our big fabric bags. They made a beautiful display and I fell more madly in love.


When I look back at how it all started I can see how far I've come. My explorations with indigo and with shibori technique will be ongoing.....I know it. There is so much to learn. But what a thing to start. Back in Melbourne I could never have imagined this search and this study. My heart says "Stay open.....stay open to what will come." X