My Blue Heart

I'm blue.... dabba dee dabba doo.....

That used to be me. I was really sad. I felt adrift in a big blue ocean of grief that I thought would completely overwhelm me when my soulmate and love of my life passed away.

Hey don't you be sad! Its ok. I am ok. It wasn't until I gave myself permission to really feel it and work through and process the huge life changes that had happened, that I started to deal with it. With the support of so many loved and loving friends and family I've come a long way. Being creative is what saves me......nurtures my soul.....fills my my meditation.....becomes my passion.....need I go on? 

Then I fell in love with blue. Indigo blue. The story, the romance, the process, the magic....its earthy, human connection to diverse people and cultures and times past and present, yet all connected by the indigo blue. I had to know it and somehow master it! That is a life long task. I am merely a beginner....  but passionate and sincere.

So, welcome. I've never done anything like this before. It's going to be fun.