Indigo blue.....spiritual, mysterious, magical, protection, covetable, unique, deeply restful... a beautiful reflection of earth and sea.

BLU Byron is the home of teacher and textile artist and maker, Karin Hall

" What I love about the practice of indigo dyeing is it's connection to diverse cultures and times.....of humans.... us... people all over the world. Blue and white is such a classic. Denim and leather.... need I go on?  And then there is the magical connection to the 'something other'. I adore that no matter how much I try to control the outcome, the results are always slightly unpredictable. There is always a little bit of magic in the vat." Karin Hall

At BLU Byron we are deeply committed to creating things of beauty and style rather than just simply fashionable or of the moment. Time, loving care and integrity have been invested into each unique and beautiful indigo dyed piece. We are proudly part of the slow fashion movement and believe that all of us play a part in shaping our future with every purchase we make.