Tea Blouse 3 Fustic

  • Tea Blouse 3   Fustic
  • Tea Blouse 3   Fustic
  • Tea Blouse 3   Fustic

One of a set of 8 beautiful unique designs created with treasures from the textile stash and then hand dyed with natural botanical extracts. This Fustic is a peachy colour....a little earthy, autumnal, soft.
This blouse features my favourite trim across the bodice/bust line. I don't remember when and where I got it but it has been in the stash for some time. Trims like this are hard to find now. The main body is dress linen while the bodice is a linen muslin with an open weave. It makes for a lovely texture contrast.
Slightly sheer.
Relaxed fit
Size M/L
Fabrics are delicate and garment should be washed gently with cool water and eco -wash . Dry in shade.

Please note that each fabric and trim takes the dye differently and therefore may fade and change over time and at different rates. Natural dye has inconsistencies considered part of it's charm and not seen as a fault.